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Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher, writing on #mindfulness, #self, #life to inspire you to live a happier life as you’re. IG: @begumerol_

2 years as a freelancer has shown me it’s not only about how much you know but about the power of showing up every day.

Did you know that, as hunters, tigers only have a ten percent success rate?

I was surprised when I heard this fact in David Attenborough’s Life in Colours. It amazed me how small their success rate is given that they’re often crowned as the jungle’s best hunters. And yet, tigers still insist on their search for prey, remaining resilient until they’re successful.

Learning this fact forced me to question my own pursuits. If I only had a ten percent success rate throughout my entire life, how would I act? Would I still uphold a strong identity as tigers do, living…

Notice the parts within you that want to be seen.

I’ve never heard anyone accepting that they’re judging someone. Neither did I before. Ask people who gossip about others, they would respond the same way. “It’s not a gossip, I’m only making a comment about someone else’s life. I cannot talk about it?”

But are we really making innocent comments or judging them based on the way we see them live?

There’s a way to understand that.

When we judge people, we label them as X and Y. And we think that this is the permanent reality behind what’s happening.

But when we only talk about someone’s life by making…

Define your success meter in life with your ability to endure and grow out of each experience.

Have you ever felt anxious before meeting people you haven’t seen for a long time?

I have before. Every time I traveled to see my family and friends in Turkey after a long time I would worry about not impressing them enough. I would try to come up with things that I achieved so I wouldn’t look behind.

And after 18 months I get to fly and see my family again next week. But this time I feel different. I don’t feel the need to impress them with any love or success stories. Because I’m satisfied with my life right…

You can improve your choices with a new way of curiosity.

My roommate and I have been looking for a new tenant to live in our flat for the past few months. It’s a difficult process, to say the least. Next to no applicants have been reaching out to us given the untimely nature of our situation.

Despite only receiving a couple of applications within the first few months, we still had non-negotiables. We weren’t exactly looking for a new best friend, we just wanted a nice, well-rounded tenant that wouldn’t interfere with the harmony we’d created in our living space.

In our search for the perfect roommate, I noticed something…

Life isn’t only about beginnings and ends; the middle matters too.

This weekend was the first time in 8 months I had a lovely time with my friends. I went to places I haven’t been to for a long time. I’ve talked a lot, like throwing up all the things I kept to myself for months and months. And I enjoyed the noise in the street like it wasn’t me who was complaining about living in a crowded city before.

As you can see from the way I described my weekend, I reconnected with the present time more than ever. I felt like I had everything I needed at that moment…

Opening up to someone sounds scary. But it’s not scarier than missing a chance for true connection.

Recently a new flatmate moved into my apartment. The first night we spent time together we had a conversation that I didn’t expect to have in such a short time.

We talked about spirituality and the law of attraction. You know, topics that aren’t liked by the “show me the proof first” mentality we embrace in Western societies.

The conversation was a surprise to me. If she didn’t start talking about it I wouldn’t. Not because I would pretend to be someone that I wasn’t. But because I haven’t met anyone who is spiritual in my circle yet. …

You can integrate the benefits of your routines into your daily life.

4 years ago I was addicted to my daily yoga practice.

I was addicted. Because I would feel guilty or conscious about not doing my routine if I fell out of my plans some days. It wasn’t the yoga that made me feel that way. It was the meaning I gave to my daily yoga practice.

I used to attach my happiness and the way I responded to events to whether I spent time on my wellbeing or not. I wasn’t able to integrate its ability to fix my mood into other small activities during the day. …

Less is more.

Two years ago I flew to Bali to follow a dream.

It was the first time I’ve been so far from home. But I’ve never felt like a stranger there. From the time we landed on the island, the simplicity of life fascinated me. The trip was completely an eye-opening experience.

I knew about happiness before and I felt it countless times. But the happiness I learned in Bali was a different kind. It wasn’t dependent on outer circumstances. It was a kind of happiness that comes from within.

Balinese people were a living example of how the Dalai Lama…

Because being single isn’t equal to being a failure.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from friends or family the following questions. And I’m sure you’ve had them too if you’ve been single for a while.

Why are you not in a relationship?

Oh, is it too hard to find someone?

You know, you should go out and date more.

But I also heard from others how they admire my strength and thriving while I’m single.

Because being single isn’t equal to being a failure in life. It’s not about being an object to be pitied.

It’s only a healthy phase that each of us goes…

You might be already there.

When I was growing up, I always thought that being young is the same as being immature. The world I saw around me (excluding my family here) and on TV only seemed to value the old generation’s opinion.

This made me think that maturity goes together with wisdom. And wisdom belongs to a holy old man with a white beard that comes to bring a transformative message after experiencing all the challenges in the world.

But as I grew up and experienced the world from my own perspective, I came to the conclusion that maturity isn’t about age or education…

Begüm Erol

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