How to Shift Your Energy With 4 Steps

We all have days that we don’t know where our life force disappeared. Sometimes there is an obvious external reason why we feel down. Sometimes everything goes well but we struggle with moving forward on that day. Joy becomes a foreign word to us.

This article offers you 4 simple tips to boost your energy in times where you have difficulty finding joy within and around you.

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But firstly, why is it important to monitor our energy?

Have you ever started a day with a negative attitude and then has everything gone bad like a domino effect? I’m sure you’ve been there from time to time.

And now remember a positive day that you felt very happy. Do you see the difference? Most likely it was a day full of lucky coincidences.

It’s because when we radiate positivity and find joy within ourselves, we begin to interpret everything that surrounds us as a new experience. Feeling joy and abundance in everyday life brings us positivity and attracts more goodness into our lives.

Even if you don’t believe energy may affect your life, imagine two different people entering the room, one with confidence and a smile on their face and the other one with a closed body expression or complaining about everything.

Whom would you prefer to spend time with?

Imagine things in life this way. If we don’t feel the energy we want to attract into our lives, we can’t attract that energy. Like attracts like. It’s that simple.

“By changing your internal environment — the way you think and feel — you will then see how your efforts alter your external environment.” Joe Dispenza

It’s, of course, almost impossible to keep our energy at one level all the time. All feelings and experiences are for us. We can’t just take the positive ones. Life is experienced with ups and downs.

But what we can do is to take the lesson and release whatever doesn’t serve us and then move forward by opening our hearts to joy.

Let’s explore how we can bring more joy into our lives as much as possible.

  1. What Gives You Joy?

Knowing what gives us joy is the first step to invite happiness into our lives. Most of the time we do things because they were introduced to us as our hobbies when we were kids. Our parents sent us to courses to learn how to play instruments, paint, or get better at sports activities. And these hobbies have become part of our robotic life and we’ve probably forgotten why we keep doing them.

Getting to know ourselves is important to keep things that give us joy in our lives. Be mindful of what gives you joy and why you do the things you do regularly.

Make a list of the things that make you feel free and limitless. Try to list as many basic activities as you can. It’s important to have access to these tools at any time we need them.

But these activities shouldn’t require anyone else’s presence. We need to be independent in our happiness so that when someone is missing in our lives, we don’t feel lost.

Cooking, dancing like nobody’s watching, resting, going for a walk, cleaning if it refreshes your energy and gives you clarity, and so many more options. Find your joyful activities and acknowledge them as a source of happiness however basic they may seem.

Finally, choose one activity every day and practice it to see the change in your mood.

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2. Spend Time in Nature

Leave your phone at home. Take yourself out to spend some alone time in nature. Make sure you sit there in silence and observe for about 30 min–1 hour at least.

Be conscious of what surrounds you. Notice how nature is in harmony with many different trees, plants, and animals. We can also do that within our minds by simply observing.

And when you spend time in nature, it’ll share its wisdom with you. It won’t speak the human language but you’ll find clarity about your inner world.

This one is very healing if you allow yourself to listen to nature.

3. Consider What You’re Exposed to Every Day

Our energy is affected by what we watch, read, and eat. When we behave our bodies well and feeding our soul with good food, books, and movies, we’ll feel a high vibration within ourselves, for sure.

Not only what we consume but also whom we see in our daily life is also very important. Especially if you are an empath, you’ll be very sensitive around low energies. You’ll feel those people’s feelings even after they leave you.

Make good choices about whom you’re including into your life. If spending time alone makes you feel better than seeing someone who drains your energy, go ahead, and spend time alone.

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4. Reflect on Your Feelings

Modern life obliges us to have fast-paced lives, running between work and home. On top of that, we’re doing our best to invest in our hobbies to make sure we’re also feeding our souls. But when we do so, we need to make sure that we aren’t losing sight of our inner self.

You may have seen this one coming. Yes, meditation! Sparing time to sit in stillness and listening to ourselves is essential to slow down and have an awareness of our thinking patterns and feelings. Meditating at least 5 min daily will improve your ability to be comfortable in discomfort and switch challenges to good experiences.

If you’re new to meditation, you can read my blog post about how to set a meditation routine.

The other tool is writing. Journaling is very popular in the self-help world. But its fame isn’t for nothing. At the end of each day, reflect on your feelings. Consider thoroughly how you felt that day and what made your energy high and low. Even if you can’t journal every day, spend some time during the week to note down your feelings and look back on how your week was.

Now you have the tools to raise your energy and protect yourself from draining vibes. Knowing these tools is one thing and putting them into practice is another. Make small adjustments in your life to include these tools to your routine.

Once you know how the high energy makes you feel, you won’t let negativity to stay in your life.

Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher. Freelance writer whose passion is to empower others through mindfulness. IG: @begumerol_

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