About my journey to writing

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I have a crystal clear memory that I was telling my mom that I want to become a journalist and report the happenings to the world. I guess I was around 9 years old.

It didn’t happen for several reasons that I won’t bore you with. Life just decided to show me another way to get there. And I didn’t lose that dream, it has always been with me. Whatever happened, whatever I studied, read, be exposed to prepared me for my long lost passion.

My passion is to write to empower others through my words. To help others find their best self. To show them that everyone can do this by living a mindful life.

It’s not a must. If you don’t want to find the core of your being and you’re already happy at where you’re, fantastic news for you!

But I believe everybody has things that they need to work on. To get better at being themselves.

We live our lives running between daily challenges and trying to get the life we imagine to live one day. We’re in contact with a lot of people in our personal and work/university lives. It would be too optimistic to assume we’re not affected by what other people project onto us.

Everything and everyone that we’re in contact with shapes our being. Sometimes they awaken our best selves and help us shine our light. Sometimes we find ourselves in a pattern that we don’t even associate with but it becomes a part of us.

This happens because we’re not mindful of those patterns. Because we don’t spend time looking at ourselves closely. I’m not only talking about looking into the mirror. Well, this is also powerful. When you look into the mirror, you may have hardship into looking into your eyes if you don’t believe you behaved yourself well. And that feeling can awaken worthiness in you.

But it’s also about going deep into ourselves and see the core of our beings. Who are we when we aren’t with others?

My long lost journey to writing found its way just like that when I started working on myself and live a more mindful life. When I decided to look deeply into my being and clean out whatever other people have projected on me. Call them self-limiting beliefs or judgments.

When I shed the layers in me, I felt belonging in myself. I didn’t need to look for it somewhere else anymore.

And I want to show the tools to everyone who is willing to shed their layers and live a life where they find security in themselves.

That place is safe and accessible. And once you get there, you won’t accept anything that doesn’t fit into your world.

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