What You Enjoying Squid Game And Similar Shows Tells About You

They say we’re what we consume in movies, books, and food.

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When the production companies publish movies about Covid19, will you be watching them? Would you be interested in seeing again what we’ve all been through mentally and physically?

Let me answer first. I will not watch it. It’s because we’ve already experienced it and we know how it felt like living our lives locked in our apartments for months and months losing jobs and without seeing our loved ones or touching each other. We know how we acted and how we were impacted by the situation thoroughly. I don’t think there is a reason to re-live it on screen again. Next-generation can watch it, of course.

But me saying that doesn’t mean I don’t watch drama or thriller movies/series. I know you’ve watched Squid Game. And I know you liked it. But the comments I’ve read and the topic intimated me although it definitely created some curiosity in me about the show and characters. (PS I am about to surrender and watch the first episode when I publish this article.)

And I wonder why I feel curious about the show if even the thought of it intimidates me. And do our choices tell anything about us if we’re what we consume in movies, books, and food?

Playing with Hypothetical Situations

I watch movies and series to get away from reality. Same with books. I choose them wisely to give me the energy that I’m missing in my life. If I need some cozy vibes, which happens 80% of the time, I watch Gilmore Girls or Friends. I find some home feeling in the characters’ funny, witty, fast-talking, intimate, and colorful characters. But if I want to feel like I have not just wasted my time watching a comfort series that I may or may not have seen 40 times already, I turn myself to catchy, science fiction, or drama movies/series. I do it so I’m filling some void in my day.

Does this say anything about me? I don’t know but my choices definitely reflect my needs.

Why do people like Squid Game then? What do we look for feeling or experiencing while watching the show?

Is it because the topic is catchy or do we miss a feeling in our lives that the show arises in us? Do we not see social injustice in real life? No. Then it shouldn’t be about escaping from reality but more so, seeing what one cannot dare to do. Does it then mean we want to do such things? (I would ask more questions if I weren’t afraid of scaring you away.)

I don’t think anybody who is sane enough would like to join a game for the sake of money and risk their lives, except if they’re addicted to games and winning. But maybe it’s more about what the characters represent — bravery or adrenaline.

Jeremy E. Sherman Ph.D., MPP says in an article that one of the reasons we enjoy crime fiction is that we rarely experience it but we hear about it. We’re impressed by what lies beneath what we can see in a crime event.

Well, it might be the case with Squid Game too. We see how people act to get money in a way that one cannot dare to behave in a civil society. It feels dangerous and gives us the chance to see what could happen further in such a thrilling moment. It gives us a chance to put ourselves in the shoes of the characters. We’re not harmed as it’s not us who faces those decisions but we’re able to live in that world even for 60 minutes and experience it hypothetically. And we can predict how characters who are faced with impossible choices would act in real-world situations.

Korea bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal, Timothy Martin’s opinion seems to match with this assumption. He says, the show created a feeling within people that they want to know what they would do to survive, even if they’re not having trouble with their paychecks.

I have been seeing the trend that people make the candy recipe from the Squid Game and see if they will screw it up or not. The show obviously awakened some curiosity in people’s minds and they want to know if they would win or not.

The Bottom Line

Maybe us enjoying Squid Game doesn’t say anything about us directly. It doesn’t say we’re addicted to drama or thrilling events but simply takes us to a world we cannot dare to live. It brings adrenaline and curiosity while we wonder if this was the real-life scenario, how we would act.

While I was wondering why I’m still curious about a show that I feel intimidated by and haven’t watched yet, I thought about all the choices I made in my watch and read list. It was interesting to see what I watch and read in certain periods. And perhaps, this article encourages you to do the same and check out your recently watched history to see if there is a pattern you let go unnoticed.

Why do you like what you consume? Are they auto-pilot decisions following a trailer that appears on the website you watch the content or do you choose what you consume after checking in out and noticing how it affects you and if you really enjoy it?

Something to think about.



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